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Unit managers in a company or institution are an indispensable part of the productive machine. They are responsible for the good performance of their projects, the evolution of their team, while remaining aligned with rapid changes in global strategies. Recently, the obsession with numerical performance and evaluation logics has made their daily work difficult and limited their perspective.

The good performance of projects and contracts involves taking into account the cultural, operational and internal specificities of each company or institution. By relying on personalized support with experience in team management, project and contract, each manager can find serenity in his professional environment.

Your need

When do you need us?
  • Need of a local support to develop your business

  • One-time work overload due to:

    • a response to a call for tender

    • a request for writing a business plan

    • a period of closing the accounts, annual maintenance

    • a start or a particular period of a project

    • a delicate contractual management with a client

  • Substitute in case of the absence of a deputy

  • File review as part of due diligence

  • Need to formalize elements for communication to operational layer

  • Assistance in definition of new processes

  • Need to have a different angle of view


Renewable Energy


Energy Storage


Nuclear Energy (Fission and Fusion)

ESPN regulation

Electromechanical Equipments (pumps, valves, handling...)

Heat Exchangers

Steam Generator

Heavy Industry


Our values are:

  • Humility

  • Pragmatism

  • Have fun

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